5 Free Cyber Security Tools You Should Know


computer securityIn the world of technology and it’s dangerous events, it is very important to get yourself known to the cybersecurity tools. As you might have already heard, there are so many different types of computer attacks. There are some which are more likely for you to face them, and those are socially engineered malware, some password phishing attacks, unpatched software, social media threats and also the advanced persistent threats. The first one could be easily described as a No.1 method attack, which often led by data-encrypting ransomware. About the password phishing attacks, I think that most of the things that are happening, in this case, are clear. Did you know that are over 60-70 % emails are spam? Yes, that is exactly how these attacks happen. One click and you have the damage which is hard to fix. Unpatched softwares usually come in some add-ons. You have probably seen those many times. There are, of course, many useful add-ons, but there are also the ones which are suspicious and will make you a damage. All in all, the cyber world is full of bad treats and events, and it is very important to keep yourself safe. What would be the best cyber security tips? First of all, you need to understand that everyone could be the target of the hackers. You never know what they are looking for. If you think that you are just a regular user, it would be good for you to remember that easier targets are also preferable. Practising a great password management can do a lot for you. The Strong password, which is changed often will make you definitely safer. Leaving your devices unattended? Don’t do that ever again. Lock your devices every time you leave, so no one could use them but you.

Always backup your data regularly, and remember that the sensitive browsing (for example banking) should be always done on the device that belongs to you. Learn to recognize the spams, and never click on those. Understand what the suspicious email means.Also, it is a good thing to mention, that you should watch what you post on the social media network. Check your privacy settings there.

Besides using the proper precautionary behaviors, you can also get some great help from the best tools which are invented particularly for this purpose. We will now take a look at the cyber security tools list. There are so many of them, but in the end, we will choose for you the 5 best and also the newest ones, cyber security tools 2017.

Don’t know how to secure your password and trying to find a tool which may help? We will provide you some examples for every situation. When creating a strong password, you can turn for some help to Password Meter, Kaspersky Secure Password Check or How Secure Is My Password? Need some help with the password management too? No problem. There you have a choice between LastPass, Sticky Password, 1Password… Want to activate the two-factor authentication? You can search for the TwoFactorAuth.

If unfortunately, your account has already been hacked, you can search for some help from Breach Alarm, which is made for the stolen passwords, have i been pwned? for some past breaches. As you can see, I can go further and further, and the list might almost never stop. But, what interests are here the most, are the newest tools which will keep you safe! You know how the world of the technology changes every day, so it is very important to follow it all the time.


1. I will start with the Acalvio ShadowPlex. This tool addresses some of the problems which are connected with the field of the deception. That is an emerging field, and most of the useful deployments are still being worked out. This tool can basically unmask the attackers and in that case keeping them engaged.

2. At the endpoint security category, we have two tools which are most popular with the users. These are reviewed at the best in this area. The first one is Minerva. It has its Anti-Evasion Platform. It actually targets the new breed of environmentally called aware malware. What was the main idea of the creators? They wanted to create such a tool which would block immediately all the ”normal’ threats by its traditional antivirus. Also, this great tool wisely protects the endpoints with its trickery and the deception.

3. The second tool in this category is called Promisec. This reliable tool provides a help when wrestling the endpoints into the compliance. It can be set to do it basically automatically, keeping its ‘eye’ widely open when the danger arrives. Besides that, it can also act as a force multiplier for some large organizations, when needed.

4. Cloud security. What about this category? Don’t worry, people wouldn’t miss a chance to create some safety tool for this. We know how important is to keep the data in the cloud safe. Here we have the Lacework. It is so powerful that it manages even a local data center. Lacework also helps while filtering all the chaos that may happen in the cloud, by removing the false positives and also by generating the actionable threats intelligence.

5. RedSeal. We are going to talk about the tool which is particularly made for the network security. What is a RedSeal? It is a digital resilience platform which is designed to discover all of the network’s vulnerabilities, and also including those that go around the firewalls and map attack vectors. It functions that way because only in that case those can be fixed. But that is not all, it also tracks the network’s health providing the overall vulnerability score. It can be easily monitored then by IT stuff or the executives. This tool is designed to work completely offline. This was made for the security precautions.

As you can see, there are so many great tools which can help you to stay safe in the cybersecurity world. We are lucky that our technology is being more and more improved every day! Keep yourself informed!