How to install a theme and customize in Blogspot

Blogspot is a great platform to begin with for a new blogger. It certainly has lots of features that gives you flexible customization and monetization option with your blog. The great thing about blogspot is that you can implement Google Adsense code to monetize your blog which is little difficult to have with any other free blogging platform because they don’t allow third party scripting with their free version. Like wordpress which is extremely popular blogging platform don’t allow you implementing any addition codes like Google Adsense. There are some other platforms also but not very popular like Blogspot and WordPress, so people tends to choose out of these two most of the time.

Now let’s stick with the point that how to install blogspot template and customize it out of free blog templates provided by Google blogger. Well blogspot comes with numbers of teams and templates but it’s been same since years and nothing really improved much. Aspiring bloggers often wants to have a good design but they are completely unaware with the fact that they can actually install a different template instead of pre defined boring design by Google Blogspot. So in this blog, I am going to show you how to install xml blogger templates and customize it with some quick picture representation.

Step 1:

Firstly you need to have a good template with you, so all you need to do is to search in Google for free blog templates for blogspot and you will get lots of result showing plenty of designs available. There are premium version also available and you can buy blogger templates which comes with some more functionality. You should always check the demo before downloading.

How to install a theme

Step 2:

After creating a new blog in blogspot, the first and foremost job you do is to choose a theme and customize it as per your need which is quite easy and Google made it really easy and transparent process for you. But if you want to install a different theme then. Go to => Template and choose Backup/Restore option from the top right.

How to install a theme step 1

A pop up windows will prompt you to choose a file to upload. Once you have upload the file. Google shows two preview option – “Live on Blog“ and other “Mobile” view in which you will actually see the preview of you newly installed theme then and there only.

How to install a theme step 3


For desktop version it’s easily noticeable but it completely depends on you choose theme weather it support responsive version or not which can be seen in “Mobile” view. You can also set you mobile view different by pressing Gear button as show here.

How to install a theme step 4

Step 3:

Once you have installed the new template, now is the time for customization. The new blogger template comes with lots of predefined categories, names and other widgets option. You can remove and place you menu by editing codes from “Customize” option present in Template.

How to install a theme step 5

Go to the coding section and search for any of the navigation name exist in the theme by simply pressing CTRL+F  & paste the name into search box. Once you have got the line of code, customize it as per your need. Further template customization can be easily done from Layout option provided by Blogspot.

Install as many template you want as per requirement to give your blog an impressive look and with the new theme you will get lots option to place new Ads widgets area which can be implemented easily. Enjoy blogging!