Best File Manager Apps for iPhone And iPad

filemanager apps for ios

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When it gets easier to manage your important documents, files, your artwork and your important pictures, you are simply relieved. With the size of the gadgets reducing with the passage of time, the features are also improved. Sleeker iPhone and iPads have the most compact file manager applications and these ios apps will show you more organized files and folders at one place. Staying organized is the primary objective in today’s time when you are heading for the most effective results and improved efficiency. Depending on the type of requirements, you can pick and download any file manager apps for iphone and ipad. Keep in mind to review the features and options that are available with the application.

Some of the ipad and iphone apps that are widely used and can be downloaded for managing your files are:


One of the famous app these days, One Drive is introduced by Microsoft. The app provides the free online storage which is also a user friendly tool to access the files and save them for future use. One Drive offers an exclusive feature of an automatic backup of photos. You can organize the files and access the items easily later on. Features like moving the file, deleting the files, renaming the documents, creating and searching files from any device are inbuilt.

Not so complex app, Onedrive brings an option to choose from different plans that suits your storage needs. Initially for the purchase of the app 15 GB storage is free. There is an option to purchase a monthly subscription of 100 GB, 200 GB or 1TB plans. Onedrive app can be availed free from the Apple Store. or


The most preferred file manager with excellent features and quick updates, is called the Dropbox. It is a terrific and mind blowing choice of app as the file manager with storage. The app is available on Apple devices. You can share and store pictures, documents and videos with the help of Dropbox.

There is an automatic Camera Upload feature for backing up photos. Use the Dropbox that suits your storage requirement. For individuals a basic Dropbox of 2 GB storage option is available and the Pro comes with 1TB. The basic plan comes for free and can be downloaded from Apple Store.For business purposes, the universal app provides the sufficient amount of space to use. A unique feature of Dropbox allows you to check your files even when you are offline.



iFiles is a good option as another file manager that syncs well with the cloud service that you already use. The iFiles can help the users sync services that can include Dropbox,iCloud,Google Drive,Sugar Sync and others.

The iFile comes with the zip and extract capabilities, clipboard paste option, photo import and media player. The file manager app for iPad or iPhone can be purchased at a very nominal rate of $3.99 from the App Store. Download it from

Document  by Readdle

By far it is assumed that Document by Readdle is the best free file manager for the iPad. The user interface is friendly that allows the users to browse through sections of the app. A sidebar in the file manager app comes with the self-explanatory sections such as documents, iCloud, Network and Browser.  The file manager app can easily connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugarsync, SkyDrive and Cloud Me.

The app comes with the PDF reader and you can sync the documents in the app via iCloud.

File Manager Pro

It is a compact solution to manage all the files carefully. This file manager app offers integration with Dropbox,,Google Drive and other cloud services. The users are allowed to download and upload the files from the cloud service.

The file manager app supports a wide variety of file formats. You can zip and unzip your files easily. You will need a wifi connection to access your files through File Manager Pro. The app is double protected as it is password protected that keeps the document safe. The app is not free but can be purchased from the store for a minimum of $4.99. Download it from

File Master

The File manager app –File Master is a option worth checking. The users can purchase the app to organize their documents,photos, videos, and music. It can sync with the cloud services like SkyDrive,Box and more.

This file manager app is password protected and it has the ability to keep the files away from human threats. You can import photos and transfer/share the files on your iPhone or iPad. One amazing and an impressive feature that comes with the File Master is that you can remove the ads. Download it from

Document 5

An extensive file management tool or a file manager app that helps to share and upload files, photos,music,videos, and etc. The Document 5 sync well with Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive and other cloud storage device. This file manager app can be purchased for free.

It has an added feature to password protect the files and documents you store.

File Manager (Free)

As the name comes through, the file manager app is free that can be used for the iPhone and iPad. Unlimited number of files can be stored in organized folder and subfolders. No download charges, the file manager app is easy to use and install. Although users might have an issue in accessing the onedrive accounts.

Otherwise the file app is versatile and user friendly.It is a very well designed app to view and download directly from various applications.