How to know the Facebook pages you have liked

Facebook users are getting increased day by day in terms of numbers of users but there are plenty of FB users who actually don’t aware of all Facebook features and additional options. Restricting this post to Facebook Pages that how do I find pages I liked on Facebook is the main subject of this blog.

While using Facebook you must have come across several pages that are relevant to your interest and you might have Liked” and followed those pages while ago. There is no restriction how many numbers of pages your should “Like”. You also get option to enlist them into your interest list or Facebook will automatically decide based on your recent action like – posting, likes or commenting something from the updates by that page and shows you regular updates. But what happen to those pages which are quite dead, not being updated regularly or you might have liked by mistake and forgotten?

There is a simple solution to that. Just unlike them but the point is how to find Facebook pages I’ve liked. Right.

Well there is solution which is there but unnoticeable. Check the screenshot here –

how do I find pages I liked on Facebook

You can just go to your timeline and actually see two options –

1. Under Interests tab – Pages and Public figure and see list of all of it at the right side of the widget area. Click => See All and simply do the action.

how do I find pages I liked on Facebook step 2.png

  1.  You can click => “Like Pages” navigation option under “Pages” tab. A new window will open suggesting top relevant pages you might like based on your recent interest. There are 3 tabs on the top where you will see other tabs as well for you have been invited in past but didn’t do anything and 3rd one is where you wanted to check what are the pages you have liked. So check entire list of it and perform the action.

how do I find pages I liked on Facebook step 3

Note: It is quite difficult to figure out the issue through android app and solve. Better to use any desktop or iPad to sort this out. Well i never found any option in my android mobile, So if you have any solution, suggestions are welcome.